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for 3-D Printing

When you need 3-D printing work done with a quick turnaround, choose A3 Tec. We can help you conceptualize your design idea and produce precision-made parts and gauges by the next day! Call us to share your 3-D printing needs.

How 3-D Printing Can Help

Your Product Development

  • Test different materials with prototypes
  • Conceptualize designs
  • Achieve high precision for parts, fixtures, and gauges


Replicate Legacy Parts With Reverse Engineering

If all you have is an outdated part and you need to modify it without an engineering drawing, replication can be tricky.

Fortunately, A3 Tec can help you with a quick and accurate reverse engineering process that will help you prototype the part and study its measurements and tolerances to generate a CAD drawing.

When Should You Consider Reverse Engineering?

  • When you need to measure and develop tolerances for parts prior to CAD drawing generation
  • When you plan to reproduce another manufacturer’s product following a detailed examination of its construction or composition
  • For prototyping when only a part is available, without the drawing

Problem Solving and Manufacturing Process Development

Precision-Made Fixtures| Engineering Specialists | Next-Day Turnaround

Are you struggling with poor production quality and volumes? Hire us to provide customized solutions to improve your plant’s manufacturing performance and technology.

 No matter which industry you operate in, the experienced professionals at A3 Tec can trace your current processes and conduct a detailed assessment to identify alternative process plans and parameters.

Hire Us for Simple and Complex Machining Process Plans

  • Order of operations
  • Selection of fixturing method
  • Cutting tool design
  • Machining parameters
  • Post-processing plan
  • Manual operation planning
  • Minor assembly plan


Regardless of which industry your plant operates in, we can help you identify and act on process improvement opportunities. We’ll work with you directly and perform an on-site assessment of your current manufacturing process that includes:
  • Determining the process runtime
  • Calculating total costs through the use of proprietary software
  • Developing recommendations for improvements, from the system level to the detailed machining level
  • Identifying process-based alternatives
  • Assessing machining process plan options


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