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BiTec is a custom, precision machine shop. We use state-of-the-art multi axis CNC machine tools to provide critical components for the aerospace, defense, entertainment, and medical industries. Composite lay-up to machining high temp alloys along with extensive experience generating environmental and mechanical test specimens, BiTec has the expertise and certifications for your most demanding projects. Please see equipment list here.

a3 Tec LLC

Quality is the standard whether you need engineering and design or manufacturing of your parts, fixtures, gages, premium die components and tools. We also offer 3-D printing in various materials, with next day turnaround. From 1 part to dozens, from .0002” tolerance and up, if you need a premiere “job” shop, A3 Tec can help. Please see equipment list here.

Agile manufacturing

Agile’s unique services are designed around the manufacturing of higher volume (3k to 100k) complex machined parts. Industry leading pricing is a result of combining;  the outstanding quality principles of Bitec, the technical tooling and fixturing expertise of A3 Tec with the very latest in high speed CNC equipment.  Agile Manufacturing is your best bet. Please see equipment list here.

High Quality Machining

The Trifecta Group is three companies working in close collaboration, under common ownership. We have approximately forty five thousand square feet of manufacturing space located on a (4) block campus in Dayton, Ohio.

There is clear synergy between various manufacturing specialties. Our vision is to maximize the similarities, share historically underutilized resources, take advantage of broad in-house expertise, engage the best team of people to expand on the success of BiTec.

This enables Trifecta Group to offer our customers an extremely high standard for Quality and on time Delivery, at the best possible value.


The Trifecta Group provides custom CNC and 3D manufacturing services to the Dayton, OH area.


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Unable to wrap your head around a product concept? Send the plans to us for quick and precise 3-D printing. We’ll have your prototype ready in the material of your choice by the next day!

Process Assessment and Improvement: There are several problems in any manufacturing process. Have them solved quickly with our customized engineering solutions. Hire us for both simple and complex manufacturing assessment and process development projects.

Reverse Engineering Solutions: When you’re unable to replicate a legacy machine part due to the lack of engineering drawings, don’t worry. A3 Tec can help you with diligent reverse engineering services.


BiTec is a custom precision machine shop. We use state-of-the-art computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine tools for major applications. We provide specialized products for the aerospace, entertainment, mechanical, and medical industries.

BiTec was established in 1985. Since then, we have earned a reputation for proficiency and quality. We have achieved ISO 9001:2015 with AS9100: Rev. D certification and have been supplying major components and intricate assemblies to top companies around the world.

We are well-equipped for precision machining high temperature alloys and composite materials.